While the world continues to pray that one day Trump's Twitter account will be shut down permanently, President Obama's tweets have the exact opposite effect.

Former President Barack Obama is mad – and for good reason. According to The Wall Street Journal, Obama was reportedly furious about Trump’s unsubstantiated and absurd claims that Obama wiretapped Trump’s offices during the 2016 presidential campaign. Obama should be angry by Trump’s wild and baseless accusations — and, in fact, all clear-thinking Americans should […]

Joe Fresh Goods' new line totally taps into our collective love and admiration for the nation's first Black family.

A young girl was overcome with emotion when her parents gave her a package that was delivered to her home from the White House containing a personalized letter from then-President Barack Obama.


The "Trayvon Martin" speech was a watershed moment for President Obama. It proved to the Black community that he understood the plight faced by young Black men in America.

I didn’t know what I stepped into that year that I travelled to Columbia to see then Sen. Barack Obama speak at William Brice Stadium. I just knew I had to be there. Oprah was bringing him to the Carolinas so he must be someone special. After nearly a decade, I don’t remember his speech. […]

The First Family's 4-year-old dog Sunny had a bad day earlier this week.

Sasha Obama was noticeably absent from her father's farewell address last night in Chicago.


President Barack Obama says the Democratic Party needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.


President Barack Obama referred to a videotaped attack on a Chicago mentally disabled man as "despicable" Thursday while talking about the city's crime rate. Four teens have been charged with hate crimes in connection with the violent assault captured in a Facebook Live clip.


After meeting on Tuesday afternoon, GOP members collectively agreed not to move forward with their proposed changes.