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Cicada Brood X Virginia invasion emergence

Source: Jeff Herge / Getty

Union County experiences the arrival of the 2024 cicada boom, with county officials reporting numerous residents dialing 911 due to the cacophony caused by the insects.

Scientists had predicted trillions of cicadas to emerge from beneath the ground, per Queen City News. Leading the emergence is Brood XIX, the largest among periodical cicada groups, surfacing every 13 years. As this brood fades away, another group, Brood XIII, will follow suit, resurfacing every 17 years.

The characteristic buzzing, known as the males’ “singing,” is their method of attracting mates.

“If you are wondering if the noise you hear is the same, please call the non-emergency number at 704-289-1591.” County Officials are asking to keep emergency lines open for incidents that require immediate attention.

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