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ELLE/Normani on Her New Album 'Dopamine'

Source: Sharif Hamza / Sharif Hamza

Fans can finally stop hounding Normani about releasing new music because the talented dancer, vocalist, and overall powerhouse is blessing the world with her long-awaited album, Dopamine. Gearing up for its June 14th release, the former Fifth Harmony member sits down with Elle to discuss the journey to creating her highly anticipated album, how she’s handled internet scrutiny, and so much more.

If there were a pile of dull pennies on the ground, Normani’s talent would be the one gleaming quarter shining through the bunch. She is a humble talent that occasionally pops out, serving a smooth flex of the vocals and a quick 1-2 step before going back into her shell until she’s ready to effortlessly show out again. This summer, not only is the singer boldly stepping into the spotlight with new music, she’s going on tour to share her bombshell energy with the world.

Normani dishes on the pressure attached to finally releasing “Dopamine”

ELLE/Normani on Her New Album 'Dopamine'

Source: Sharif Hamza / Sharif Hamza

In her chat with Elle, the “Wild Side” singer explains how she’s dealt with the pressure of releasing her album. “I know what it’s like to put out music and records that I don’t wholeheartedly believe in. When we were in [Fifth Harmony], we didn’t have the opportunity to have a real opinion until the last project we did. I promised myself, ‘If God gives me another opportunity to do things in my own way, I’m not going to take that for granted.’ I think that there’s a false narrative that because of how long this process has taken, that means I don’t care, or that means I’m more interested in doing other things than putting this body of work out. Nobody wants this project to come out more than me. I think that at the end of the day, if I stand behind this wholeheartedly, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks.”

Normani discusses her hopes for Black women in music

We’re all inspired by the women who take up space in male-dominated industries. Seeing Black women in positions of power creates opportunities for other women, and it shows us what is possible for us to achieve.

“I want to see more women in charge. I want to see more Black women as chairmen. I want to see more Black women as CEOs. I want to see more Black women produce. I know that all of those exist, but it’s just about getting the opportunity and the recognition. I have to bring her up: Having Beyoncé, a Black woman in music, taking over the country space is revolutionary. Those are the types of things that I set out to do. Now you have country artists who look like us coming out and just being like, “We’ve always been here.” I think that it’s educational not only for music lovers, but also in the Black community. We’ve pioneered a lot that we don’t get recognition for. I think that it’s just really cool being able to witness Beyoncé be fearless and do something that is much bigger than herself. That’s honestly what I want to see more of in every single space of the music industry, because we deserve that. I also want to see Black women not have to fight so hard. It gets exhausting. We’re just as brilliant. We have amazing ideas, and our resilience.”

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