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sport concept. Top view of dumbbell and barbell exercise mat in the gym.

Source: Alexandr Dubynin / Getty

In Charlotte’s bustling fitness scene, where options range from CrossFit to Soul Cycle to no-frills gyms, a new player has entered the arena catering to a distinct clientele.

According to Queen City News, Core 24, Kory Keefer’s brainchild, opened its doors in South End last December, offering more than just traditional gym amenities. With vibrant music and uncensored artwork adorning its walls, Core 24 embodies Keefer’s bold and dynamic vision.

Describing Core 24 as the “designer gym for the modern lifter,” Keefer emphasizes its appeal to those seeking a social and visually stimulating workout environment.

“We’re the destination for people who want to be noticed, be social, and get a great workout,” explains Keefer.

Indeed, at Core 24, gymgoers often come equipped with cameras and phones, documenting their fitness journey in real-time. Keefer’s concept transcends conventional exercise routines, fostering a community where self-expression and social interaction are as integral as physical fitness.

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