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MARIE CLAIRE: Here are some common birth control facts and fictions explained.

I don’t actually have to take my pill at the same time every day.

TRUE. No need to be overly anal, but try to stay within 12 hours from day to day. The best trick? Tie your daily pill-taking to a regular activity, like eating breakfast.

The Pill causes breast cancer.

FALSE. Women who have breast cancer shouldn’t take the Pill, but it doesn’t increase your risk. What’s more, women who took the Pill for five years had a 50 percent reduction in ovarian cancer and a 30 percent reduction in uterine cancer.

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Drinking grapefruit juice can interfere with the Pill.

TRUE. While grapefruit juice doesn’t seem to make the Pill less effective, its chemicals may change how your body handles estrogen or interfere with the enzymes that break down certain drugs. Studies haven’t explained it, but if you drink more than two glasses a day, the juice can worsen some Pill side effects, like sore breasts. Drink less, and you’re fine.

Smoking marijuana on the Pill, NuvaRing, or patch is as bad as smoking cigarettes.

FALSE. Nicotine and tar — found in much smaller quantities, if at all, in marijuana than in cigarettes — are what increase the risk of heart disease and stroke when on contraception. SEE THE REST HERE!