Most women would choose comfort over style almost any day.  However, when we want to dress up, look nice and be attractive for our mates, so we switch up the game.  But does it really matter when its coming off anyway? Take the poll!

  If you missed “The Real” television show yesterday, you know I got you covered!  Jerhonda Pace, the 24 year old woman that claims she had a sexual relationship with R. Kelly when she was only 16 years old was a guest on the show.  Boy! Oh Boy!! Did she spill some serious juice on […]

Does abstaining from sex really STRENGTHEN a new relationship, or cause a man to move onto the next woman? #DailyDilemma #OlympiaDShow #OldSchool1053  

People withhold sex during their relationship for various reasons.  Some may say it because they are fasting, while others may withdraw sex as a form of punishment.  In any event, if a person refuses to have sex with their mate, does that give the mate a pass to cheat?

4/7/17- Jacque Reid talks to the Detox Doctor, Eshe Faizah about men and women’s sex lives and why everyone is susceptible to having health challenges. Click the link below to hear the entire interview.

2/17/17-Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with OBYN Dr. Drai to talk about painful sex and what women can do to fix it. “Vaginitis is a fancy term for an infection down there. The most common cause is a yeast infection. Watch out for any burning or discharge. Always wrap it up and have safe sex.” […]

Dating & Social Development Coach Eddie Fews opens up about the way men view monogamy and commitment.

If you are a woman who struggles with this issue, it's important to talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

On this episode of 'Candid,' we talk to co-founder of Open Love NY about polyamory.


It turns out that a sexual climax, while not essential for a good sex life, is more than just a toe-curling release; it’s also pretty healthy.