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VIA: GiantLife.com

Sure, you bought yourself an iPad when it first came out and you use it to tweet about the new Nikes that you found on Google and just bought. But do you really understand the power of the brand name?

Instead of riding the wave of these brand name trends, its time to really understand the immensity of the their global reach. Nike, Apple and Twitter are all ranked amongst the top 10 global brands in terms of their “widely used product,” “imagination,” “innovation” and “social consciousness.” If you’re smart, you recognize those names, if you’re a GIANT, they’re in your investment portfolio.

Take a look at this list of the brands that have taken the world by storm according to PSFK’s Good Brands Report:

1. Google

Google stands tall  at the top of the list as the little search engine that could. The Google machine keeps cranking out new tools like Buzz, Wave, and the operating system Android all of which promote its company ideals of “access and openness.”

2. Apple

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s S&P 500 market value just surpassed Microsoft’s, and accordingly,  Apple now has the second largest market cap in the S&P behind Exxon Mobil. Now whats what you call an industry GIANT.

3. Jamie Oliver

Oliver has managed to make himself into a one man power-brand. This forward thinking Chef is the face of a revolution in healthy eating, according to the PSFK report.

4. MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a brand specializing in the application of advanced scientific study to things of interest to the average person’s everyday life. According to PSFK, “The brand emotes real accessibility, intuition and sond science by inserting intelligence into our everyday objects and habits.”

5. Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel has only four locations, though it has still managed to build its brand enough to surpass many of the longstanding  GIANTs in the hospitality industry. Its modern design, local feel and strong community relationships have put a new spin on the overnight stay.

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