You heard it right!  Tyra Banks is schooling these young buck and old ones too!  She is going into the classroom to do what she does best….BRANDING!!!  She is going to lecture and co-teach a classroom on creating and protecting brands at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.  The class will be available for two […]

In today’s digital-driven age, where social media, Google and text messages create an impression of you before you even get the opportunity to do so yourself, branding has become more important than ever. Branding, a term once only relegated to how companies are perceived, has now become a part of how individuals, both entrepreneurs and […]

VIA: Sure, you bought yourself an iPad when it first came out and you use it to tweet about the new Nikes that you found on Google and just bought. But do you really understand the power of the brand name? Instead of riding the wave of these brand name trends, its time to […]

VIA: Branding is an overused word. How do you create the perfect brand – in life and in business? By being a bold dreamer? Branding is simply a consistent feeling, image, and experience desired from a product conveyed to the general public. Basically, you – the entrepreneur – are the brand. The minute someone […]