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I bet you’d love to know whose goods these belong to. But before I reveal the secret, let’s examine the power of a good body bronzer and why you should use it and where:

Bronzer isn’t reserved just for your face. You can always use bronzer on your body to add a little color. And if you’re on the pale side, then a body bronzer should be a staple in your makeup bag.

As in this picture, use bronzer to highlight the assets you’ve been given – however, large or small. It just adds a nice touch to everyone’s appearance and shows a measure of confidence.

I think every woman should highlight your breasts and décolletage if you’re wearing a low-cut top dress. Use a powder brush and simply run the brush down the center of your breasts and take it a step further by also applying bronzer right above your bust line.

If you’re shoulder’s happen to be your favorite feature and are exposed, sweep some bronzer on them to make those your attention-getting feature.

Remember, you aren’t stuck with only using a powder form of body bronzer. They also come in a liquid and cream so there’s something for everyone.

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Tip: Exfoliate your body in the shower prior to applying liquid bronzer because you want all of the dead skin gone so you get a smooth and even application. Remember to let the bronzer dry before putting your clothes back on, otherwise you’ll stain them.

ANSWER: Gabrielle Union. Did you guess right?

To check out my top picks for body bronzers that give your body a shimmering glow, or even the one pick that’s edible, click here.

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