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Rae Styles And DJ Hukher

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Check 105.3’s very own Rae Styles in the award-winning stage play “Boys to Baghdad.”

Facebook review report that is coming of age story is worth experiencing over and over again.

“Broadway World’s Best Drama 2017; 2017 Best New Play Taste of Theater Chicago. Written and produced by Charlotte NC’s own Rory D. Sheriff. An US Army combat veteran who served in Desert Storm, Rory writes and shares from his personal experience blended with creative genius.

Right after Huey graduates high school, he joins the army to see the world. He leaves behind his mother and his college bound girlfriend Tiffany. Huey promises Tiffany a brighter future as soon as he arrives to his first duty station; unfortunately, the war puts their plan on hold. The two are forced to adjust.

During his military experience Huey forms a band of brothers that takes a common oath to defend the country. This band of brothers could not be formed without a challenge. They must first overcome their differences of race, music, politics and religion. At the end of the day together Boys to Baghdad will conquer any task put before them.”

Get your tickets now to check out Rae Styles on stage!

Tickets are just $18 plus student and senior discounts.

Box office: 704-372-1000


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