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74th Annual Academy Awards

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced yesterday that they are making some changes to the current standing of the Oscars according to Vanity Fair. The President John Bailey and C.E.O. Dawn Hudson that they are shortening the ceremony to three hours, moving to an earlier date for the ceremony, & a new category for “Outstanding Achievement In Popular Film”. Critics are already chiming in with mostly negative comments, but I myself feel like this is a good thing….especially the new category. How many times must films that are good & performed excellent at the box office be ‘snubbed’ because they are not deemed ‘artistic’ by the Academy. How many times will films that did TERRIBLE at the box office that no one has ever heard of win Oscars because they’re deemed ‘artistic’ by the Academy?!? I mean c’mon….”Wonder Woman” not getting even a nomination last year was just downright disgraceful!! I can go down a hefty list to prove my point. Sometimes they get it right , but for the most part…..they don’t. They didn’t even have to create this category really, just be FAIR when it comes to judging films!! Just because it doesn’t star Daniel Day Lewis or Meryl Streep doesn’t mean it’s not good, or worthy of a nomination (& those are two great actors by the way). So good for the Academy, a step in the right direction!

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