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Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Andre Berto

It’s real simple…..& I mean REAL simple. Floyd is one of the greatest fighters to ever do it, good offensively, great defensively. He’s undefeated at 49-0, & if he wins tomorrow night he’ll add one more victory to that record. He is a ring technician in every sense of the word, & has proven this time & time again against the BEST talent boxing has had to offer. Now with all that, one can tend to get comfortable, complacent even…which can lend you to taking an opponent lightly. His opponent tomorrow he simply cannot do that with, or he will lose……that’s just cut & dried. McGregor is a beast in the cage, & even out of his habitat, his hands are still pretty solid as he’s proven in the UFC. It only takes one good shot (strategically landed or not) to lay someone down, & as long as Floyd remembers that, he’ll be fine. Good luck to both fighters & I can’t wait!!!

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