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Source: Chris Jenkins / Olympia D.

If you’re like me, you’ve been guzzling water to no end.  However, do you really know the benefits of drinking more water?  Let me school ya really quick!  Here are 5 ways that drinking more water can help you lose more weight!

  1.  Drinking water keeps your body hydrated, especially during your workouts.
  2.  Did you know that you could boost your metabolism by drinking more water?  Sure!  So, pour up a glass to burn those extra calories.
  3.  Refresh yourself and get a boost of energy by drinking more water!
  4.  Keeping a bottle of water by your side, helps you avoid drinking other drinks.  For instance, drink water in place of a drinks that are packed with empty calories and lots of sugar.
  5. Also, by drinking more water, you can curb your desire to overeat because it fills you up!
Healthy lifestyle items: green apple, glass of water, stethoscope and blank notebook on the table.

Source: Slobodan Vasic Fotostorm / Getty