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2015 NBA Finals - Game Six

I saw the tweets that Ayesha Curry sent out a few days ago pretty much saying that people are being disrespectful with the different memes (& trust me, some of them are hilarious) & jokes toward her, but I must say, sometimes you can open  that pandora’s box yourself. It all started after Game 6 when the Warriors lost & she said the NBA was ‘rigged’……..as she knows now I’m sure, that was a BAD move. The reason it was is because the Warriors just simply lost…..period. Also, it wasn’t ‘rigged’ when the Warriors came back from a 1-3 deficit & beat the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals, now was it?? I’m just saying, in today’s day & age, you have to watch what you say because it can come back to bite you….but ya’ll do need to ease up on the lady! Some of those memes are just WRONG!! Hahaha!!! I’m OUT!