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We’re beyond excited that Grace Gealy and Trai Byer of “Empire” are getting married! Not only are they a beautiful couple that is bound to make adorable babies, this could be the best real-life plot twist that producers could have ever hoped for!

How awesome would it be to see them come together to take Lucious down? Grace and Trai haven’t had much on-screen interaction as Andre and Anika, but Lucious has spurned them both! Producers could capitalize on their off-screen chemistry by bringing them together season 2! We have a couple of ideas how they can do it!

1. Andre Marries Boo Boo Kitty!

Ok, so, this would be the obvious plot-twist. Anika (aka Boo Boo Kitty) has already slept with Lucious’ youngest son to get back at him, so getting with is no big thing to her. After splitting up with his wife, Rhonda, due to some moral disagreements, Andre finds himself in a very lonely place. This is exactly the kind of vulnerability a still-scorned Boo Boo Kitty needs to make her entrance into his love life.

Stepping in to help him heal a broken heart, Boo Boo Kitty first appears as a sympathetic friend who lends Andre an ear and prays with him through this difficult time. Sensing a spiritual connection, Andre begins falling for Anika and their private friendly chats turn into dates. As like grows into love, poor Andre believes that he’s finally found the wife God meant for him to have and he pops the question in front of the entire family—Cookie and Lucious included!

Of course there are no genuine feelings for Andre on her side of the relationship, but it’s real for the eldest Lyon cub. But that will be a problem for season 3!

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2. Andre & Anika Expose The Real Story Of Empire’s Rise!

Having survived a debilitating illnesses that he thought would bury him, Lucious was riding high until he got locked up for murder. But do you think that’s the only underhanded thing a man like Lucious has done to make it to the top? Hell no!

Having grown up with a hustler for a father, Andre knows where all the bodies are buried. No doubt, Anika also had a certain level of access to some of Lucious’ shadier business dealings within the last few years—she might even know where the proof is!

Ignoring the advice not to kick a man while he’s down, Anika and Andre go on a media tour to expose how Lucious really turned a small label into one of the biggest music empires around.

3. Anika & Andre Make A Baby!

As we established before, Boo Boo Kitty is not above sleeping with one of Lucious’ sons. In a revenge-fueled one-night tryst, Andre and Anika fall into bed together! They immediately regret the decision in the bright light of day and vow never to speak of their brief affair again!

Unfortunately for them, biology had other plans and Boo Boo Kitty finds out she’s pregnant! Since Lucious is in jail, there’s not much chance the baby is his. After the baby is born, a paternity test reveals that Andre is the father!


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