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Pleasure is something to be experienced at any age, but it may surprise you that self-pleasure also endures. Jacque Reid, talks to Pam Costa, a participant in an New York City class that teaches women how to master the art of self-pleasuring, taught by an 86-year-old instructor. During the class, all participants must be nude in order to better learn the techniques.

“I had been with my husband for about 20 years and I realized that something was missing,” Costa says. “We had always had a great relationship but I kind of felt like I was in the airplane seats, you know, where you have to get your own mask on before you help others, I kind of felt like that,” Costa said.

Costa says the class is certainly not for the squeamish, if that includes being embarrassed about how your body looks or sounds. Although its all women, you will have to take off your clothes to participate.

“It’s kind of like a good indication that there ready for the kind of education she offers and can you look at other women without that armor,” says Costa. “It’s actually really quite an experience.”

Betty Dodson, the 86-year-old instructor is also naked, given the nature of the class. Dodson has taught these classes since the 70’s and has now hired an assistant to help. Classes are limited to 10 women.

“Women, unlike men can’t really see what goes on down there,” says Costa. “It’s between their legs and you get to see a lot of different vajayjays and to see that they are all beautiful and unique in your own way and that’s kind of a big deal at least it was to me.”

Costa says that the experience of seeing other women’s imperfections helped her better accept herself.

“There a sisterhood and a bonding that you have with these women  that allows you to draw deeper into yourself. But I also learned techniques – there’s not really any other time when I could look around a group full of women. I think a lot of women have typically pleasured myself in one particular way. I haven’t really tried to do it in different ways. And so looking around the room I was like ‘That’s interesting’ and I know it sounds beyond ridiculous but it works. I learned some new techniques.”

Costa also says that the class helped her become more open and that her sex life has improved as a result and her husband is happy as well.

The class is $1200 for two days. Check out more on Costa’s blog Down To There, HERE. 


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