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If you still haven’t finalized your vacation plans for the family yet, don’t worry about it! Here are some suggestions on #TeamBeautiful’s favorite activities for those long-anticipated, yearly getaways both you and the kids will love.

 1) A Beach Day

Mother and daughter playing on beach

Source: Granger Wootz / Getty

Beach days are easy peasy, they take minimal amount of effort and they’re generally really inexpensive—if you even have to pay an entrance fee at all. Plus, you can finally strut around and turn heads in that cute swimsuit that you were preparing for all winter long. What’s not to love?

2) A Picnic

Family eating at picnic table

Source: Hero Images / Getty

This is also fairly inexpensive and takes hardly any effort. Even more, it’s a good alternative to going to a restaurant where you might overindulge; with a picnic, you get to decide what’s on the menu for yourself and still bask in the sun!

3) A Daredevil Stunt


Source: Christopher Futcher / Getty

Have you always wanted to try daring activities like deep-sea diving with sharks, mountain climbing or parachuting from a helicopter thousands of feet in the air? Go for it! This is your summer and life is short. Even doing something as light and simple as canoeing can bring the family together. But remember, the more daring the stunt, the more memorable and fun it will be to look back on.

4) A Karaoke Night

Friends drinking in nightclub

Source: Blend Images/Jill Giardino / Getty

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know that karaoke nights are always the most gratifying and entertaining thing to do while on board—except of course taking advantage of the unlimited buffet! Let your guard down and belt out those songs you love singing to yourself in the shower. No one will judge and I promise that there’ll always be someone who sings considerably worse than you do.

5) A Nature Walk

Father and daughter watching with binoculars in forest eco camp

Source: Chad Springer / Getty

For all the outdoorsy people like me, this one’s a no-brainer. The whole family can get some quiet time and exercise. Plus, it’s an easy way to teach your little ones about the environment.

6) An Adventure Off The Beaten Path

Family Planning their Driving Route

Source: Christopher Futcher / Getty

Speaking of nature walks, if you’re staying somewhere that’s good for walks in the neighborhood and if you know the area really well or have friends and family there to show you around, take the roads less travelled. Make a point to go to areas that locals love and deem safe that aren’t as popular among tourists. You’ll have a much more authentic experience and you’ll come back from your trip feeling like you got a great bang for your buck.

7) A Shopping Spree

Happy Couple Shopping

Source: stevecoleimages / Getty

Finally, if you’ve got the cash to spare or did a fabulous job of keeping a budget, celebrate and do lots of shopping! Everyone loves souvenirs and it’s good to spice up your wardrobe with items that you wouldn’t normally pick up from the department store near your home. Collecting clothes from abroad allows you to carry your memories with you and make a fashion statement at the same time.

Have other suggestions on fun things to do with the family? List them in the comments section below!


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