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Pat Houston has been the auntie most involved in the care of sister-in-law Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina’s  care, but Bobby Brown’s sisters, Carol and Leolah Brown, have been there as well, expressing their feelings throughout the family’s ordeal. While its understandable that all the aunts have rallied around Bobbi Kristina, there are some aunts that are very, very particular about family situations even when there is no tragedy involved.

Sherri Shepherd has one of those aunts. In today’s “Hot Button” question, Sherri was asked about that aunt that in every family.

“It’s my Auntie Ena,” Shepherd says. “You go to the family reunion, you gotta have the right font on your T-shirt. She’s so organizational. You gotta have your name on the family tree. My Auntie Ena bought a plot of land in Raleigh-Durham, because that’s where we have our reunion and now everybody has to contribute to this land because that’s where we’re going to have the reunion every year.

She went out and bought the land and now we gotta help pay for it. Now we gotta make payments on this land because we’re supposedly going to build the playhouse on this land. Maybe we want to have it in Miami, but Auntie Ena…when we go to church, we all gotta wear matching colors to let people know its the Shepherd family.

And she just is one of them and you can’t say nothing because she’s a child of God. To take our family pictures we all gotta line up at the Sears and she will order you in height and who we’re related to and who’s married to who and the kids and you can’t do nothing. She will curse you out, but she’s a child of God.”

We won’t be surprised if Auntie Ena from Oklahoma gives Sherri a call today, now will we?

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