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Now this is what you call ‘luv’ & ‘loyalty’ at it’s highest level! While at the Essence Music Festival earlier this month, my man Tyrese thanked Coca-Cola for putting him on the map & changing his life. Now that’s just as real as it gets. First of all, just the fact that he never forgot that they gave him a great opportunity (which he’s expressed to me way before now, so I know he really means that). Also, I mean let’s be honest….when you saw the brotha blowing something serious on his way to the back of the bus, with the honey checkin’ him out, & that extra big kool-aid smile at the end, you HAD to know this guy was gonna blow.  I can remember my Father saying (as this was one of his favorite tv commercials) “Somebody is going to sign him! That joker can blow!” That ‘person’ wound up being RCA records, & it’s been on ever since (music, movies, books, etc.). So much luv to my man Black Ty for keeping it real, & this is real too….I’m OUT!!!