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Well it’s official! As we all know by now LeBron James is going back home! All weekend I’ve heard all types of feedback from folks. Some agree, some don’t. Well, here’s my humble take on it: I feel like LeBron made the right decision. I wasn’t mad when he left Cleveland. He gave them 7 years!! He had a right to try something different…& he did! He went to Miami to chase a championship, & he got 2!! So with that done, I’m glad he understands that now it’s, & this is in his own words, “bigger than basketball”. LeBron means a lot to not only that city, but that state. I mean c’mon, when he left so did a lot of money. See it’s different for other players. For example, if Kobe left LA, it’s STILL LA! As a city it’s still gonna bring in gazillions of dollars regardless. Cleveland is different….Ohio as a whole is different, & I’m glad LeBron understands that. Trust me, he’s not crazy, he knows that with Kyrie Irving, Wiggins, Bennett, & maybe an off season move for Kevin Love, he has the components to win a 3rd ring. No doubt! So LeBron congratulations on the move…back home! Oh & LeBron, I forgot to tell you….I’m OUT!!!