Old School Viewpoint

We’ve all heard it before…a man lives for years taking care of a child that he thinks IS his.  Then one day, through some miraculous discovery, he finds out that the child he has grown to love and taken care of for years is NOT his.  What is a man to do?  Does he just […]

Everyone assumed that this was going to happen!  Someone sold a picture of Bobbi Kristina on her deathbed to a media outlet!  This is so disappointing and wrong on so many levels.  According to TMZ, the person received on the upside of $100,000.  Now the question is….WHO???  To read more click here. http://www.tmz.com/2015/08/03/bobbi-kristina-death-photo-casket-sold/

Today is the day that the Houston and Brown family will say their final goodbyes to Bobbi Kristina.  We have heard reports of Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, begging Bobby Brown and Pat Houston for permission to attend the funeral.  What do you think?  Should Nick Gordon be allowed to attend Bobbi Kristina’s funeral?

Aight ya’ll, get those picks in! It’s Thursday Night Football, & I hope you get your “Football Frenzy” picks in! Tonight it’s the Colts vs. the Texans….a high powered offens vs. a high powered defense. Okay, I’m going to help you again (Hahaha!!!): I think the Texans are going to smeak in a win tonight. […]

Okay…I’m not going to spend much time on this, but here is my take on this Tim Duncan ‘might be gay’ stuff. It’s awfully funny that all the years he was married to his now ex-wife, he wasn’t ‘gay’ then right? When you were in the pocket, & everything was all good, when he won […]

Aight ya’ll, it’s ya man Eddie O, & I’m back @ it with my Monday Night Football pick (to help you with your Football Frenzy picks). Okay….so tonight it’s Seattle vs. Washington. I personally feel like Seattle is gonna win this pretty handily, but don’t be surprised if ol’ Washington puts  up a good fight! […]

I know you can….I know you can!! Hahaha!!! That “1st Annual Seafood Festival” is tomorrow, & man those crab legs are calling me like that pipe was calling Pookie in “New Jack City!” Tomorrow should be really nice, with just the food alone! Then you add in LIVE performances from Cherelle, Keith Washington, Howard Hewitt, […]

What’s good people! One quarter of the season is gone , & now we’re going into week 5! It starts tonight with a pretty pivotal game….Minnesota vs. Green Bay! Now here’s my pick for you: Green Bay. Teddy Bridgewater is NOT playing tonight, so I don’t feel like the Vikings have a chance….AT ALL. So […]

What’s good ya’ll! I’m headed out to check out the “Tee Party” @ Ruth Chris Steak House in Uptown Charlotte! This is all to benefit “My Sisters House” which is a transitional living center for homeless women….a GREAT cause. This is also a prelude to their big charity golf tournament they have coming up. So […]

That’s right, I’m going to say it again…”I Told Ya’ll!” I said the Patriots were going to lose & they went down in ‘dramatic’ fashion! They sure got whooped last night, & I enjoyed it all! It’s time for people to take Kansas City & my boy Alex Smith seriously! These guys are the real […]

That’s right, I said it when they were negotiating. I said it last season. I’ve said this every since the Carolina Panthers went to the Superbowl & that is, Steve Smith should retire a Carolina Panther! Bottom line. There is NO other Panther that has done more on the field than Steve Smith…period. That’s not […]

Wow…hard to believe that next spring we won’t be seeing Derek Jeter in his classic pen striped Yankees uniform. As we very well know in life, at some point, all things come to an end. In his case, it’s a GREAT ending! Derek Jeter, without me even thinking about it hard, is easily one of […]