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In T.D. Jakes new book Instinct: The Power To Release Your Inborn Drive he suggest that many people are unhappy because they don’t follow their instinctive paths or drives to success and fulfillment.He wants more people to be fulfilled b doing the things that they are truly suited for. He talked to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about how his book can help you find that inner guide and use it to create a much more fulfilling and happy life.

TJMS: So the book is about following your instincts? 

Bishop T.D. Jakes: I really wrote the book because I was fascinated by people being instinctive or intuitive and flowing in that realm of thought. So many people spend their whole lives doing what we had to do, doing what other people needed us to do or be. We really haven’t investigated who we are instinctively and we put a lot of effort into things that are not really harmonious with who we are inside. And I find that the most successful, accomplished, fulfilled people not just successful but feeling fulfilled are when you find where you fit you flow into what you do and it doesn’t really feel like working. When people find that thing and they flow into their God-given instincts, their effective, they’re better, they’re exceptional and they’re more at peace because they fit. We’ve never been taught it.

But how do you find what truly fulfills you? 

That’s why I think the conversation is so important. Sometimes you get a degree in something that you later find out you don’t really want to do. Or you had to go to work. So much pressure, you have to do , have to do, have to do that you never really take the time to find out what really fits your personality, your type what you are draw to, what you are attracted to. When you do that you are far more effective. In fact, Regis University commended me on the book saying this is the latest cutting edge research that says people are the best when they follow their instincts. Like all the animals, like all the creation does. Man has the tendency to rebel against what they are created to do.

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