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To my ladies out there I know you love and appreciate time with your man, your boo boo, your love but let’s face it, he DOESN’T like to do everything you like to do. There’s nothing wrong with compromising and reaching a decision of an activity both person’s like but in reading an article from Men’s Health Magazine I’ve found even more information suggesting what we already know about our men and shopping.

The article reads:

Most guys share the same shopping philosophy: Get in and out of the store as fast as possible, and minimize the damage to your wallet and psyche. So it’s no surprise that British researchers recently found the average man gets bored after only 26 minutes at the mall, while women tire after 2 hours.

“Men tend to hone in on what they need and have a clear idea about it beforehand, rather than wasting time browsing around,” says study author Steve Taylor, Ph.D. “They tend to go for ‘short and sharp’ shopping.”

So, ladies since we know this please do yourself and your man a favor and don’t drag that man in there making him babysit your purse, hold your try-on garments and subject him to the brutal and unecessary  task of critiquing/complementing you on how you look in each outfit change. Especially since whatever he says he’s wrong any way.

Men, hang in there. If you want to avoid this delay, be sure to have a back up plan! Good luck! Hehe!

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