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Detroit mail carrier Darrian Crutcher (pictured) doesn’t think he’s a hero just because he put out a house fire, that started in a second floor bedroom home located along his route, on Tuesday morning. According to firefighters, Crutcher’s act of bravery saved not only the home, but most importantly, the owner’s life. The lifesaving tool the hero used to save the day was a mere garden hose, reports My Fox Atlanta.

Crutcher was delivering mail when he came upon a house with an upper level floor that was on fire. There was a woman in the home and a child outside of the residence. Without pause, Crutcher saw a garden hose on the side of the home, dragged it inside, hooked it up, and then went to the second floor of the home to put out the raging flames.

The homeowner, Carolyn Patterson, who spoke to My Fox Atlanta said, “It really was burning! He was spraying [the fire] down and everything and knocked [the fire] down quite a bit,” Patterson says. “I think this room probably would’ve burned up. I really do,” she said.

Firefighters who responded to the call applaud the postal worker for a job well done and, according to David Weems, who is a member of the Detroit Fire Department, Crutcher has just the right stuff to join the firefighting ranks.

Crutcher stayed on the scene until firefighters had everything under control and then went on his way to continue delivering the mail. “I said, ‘Ok, they are there. The real firemen is here now so I can go ahead and do my job,’” Crutcher told My Fox Atlanta.

Weems asked Crutcher if whether the reality of the situation had hit him yet and if he had thought about the fact that he had risked his life to save another. Crutcher responded by stating, “No, I didn’t think that. I just seen a lady in the house and a young kid outside. I just go in and do it. I know if I … if somebody seen me like that I wish they would do me like that, too.”

Who said a hero ain’t nothing but a sandwich?

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