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Teeny Barrino has confused reality TV with reality. His performance at Allure’s Soul Stage was more scripted for TV than real life. He started strong with a rendition of “For The Love Of You,” but he quickly dovetailed into sex mode. He extended Jodeci’s “Freakin’ You” for what felt like an hour. It included the requisite stepping off the stage to join the audience and lying on the floor. The best part of the show was watching Fantasia conduct the band from the audience. She signaled the drummer when he needed to step up the rhythm and pulled the guitarist off his stool and into the moment. She was a master conductor and her direction helped the band added incredible musicality Intertwyne to Teeny’s hollafest. Be sure to click on the next page to see photos of Fantasia. She looks fantastic thanks to her trainer.

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Oh, I forgot to mention. After the extended “Freakin’ You” medley, he meandered back to the band and asked what else he should sing. No one seemed to have an answer. Teeny handed the mike to a random woman and walked off stage. That was it. No good-bye. No thank you. I’ve never seen anything like that.

Teeny Barrino Freaks The Soul Stage
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