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Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac Shakur were the best of friends. They attended the same school and shared a love for each other that blurred the lines of romantic and friendship. When he died, Jada was one of the people highly affected by his loss. It appears that she hasn’t gotten over it.

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Daughter, Willow Smith, penned a letter to Tupac asking him to come home so her and her mother can be “happy again!”

“Dear Tupac,

I know you are alive someplace! I think that my mommy really misses you.

Can you please come back can you come back so momy and me can be happy!

I wish you were here…

I really do!

Love, Willow

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Is this a cry for help from a young Willow? Clearly things aren’t quite right in the Smith household. Jada must mention Tupac a lot… She described their relationship as “platonic” in past interviews, saying: “Pac and I were never in a romance but I do know that we had those feelings for each other. It was more of a platonic romance between he and I that we put inside a brother, sister, sometimes mother, son, father, daughter good friends relationship.  We knew us being together in a romantic way would destroy everything because we were both fire. We would burn everything up! So we knew in order to preserve our relationship there was no way we could ever add romance to it cause we probably would’ve killed each other!”

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