Source: Michael Buckner / GettyHappy Birthday to all the Virgos that are celebrating!  It’s your season! First up on the list is Ricky Bell of the group New Edition and BBD. Also, we can’t forget about Jada Pinkett-Smith.  Happy “Born Day” to all the Virgos that are celebrating their special day!  

Everyone is up in arms about the Red Table Talk featuring Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.  Many people felt that there was an air of disrespect on Jada’s behalf that made Will seem like a spineless man.  Som was Jada wrong for bringing Will to the Red Table?  If you didn’t get a chance […]

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage has always been the ultimate symbol of #BlackLove. However, the couple, who’ve managed to stay happily married ever after, are not without fault. In the season one return of Jada’s “Red Table Talk,” we watch Will and Jada have a very transparent conversation about the highs and lows […]


Black women and hair loss is unfortunately a common pairing. This is largely due to the consistent reliance on weaves, wigs and braids. However, there are also many black women who suffer from forms of alopecia that don’t necessarily correlate to hair styling. On the latest episode of the Facebook talk show Red Table Talk, […]

Jada Pinkett-Smith is solidifying a deal to do a Facebook talk show entitled, “Red Table Talk”.  Jada will share the show with her mom, Adrienne, and daughter, Willow.  They will “tackle social and timely issues with an inter-generational family talk show format!  I’ll keep you posted on the launch date.

Will Smith has avoided social media for the majority of his career but we’re so glad he decided to join Instagram — and just in time for Christmas! Last night, Will shared what the typical Christmas Eve is like in the Smith household. It included ugly Christmas sweaters, caroling and an open sleigh.   Hit […]


Jada hit the award show with a quick read on Monday.

But he told everyone about it on Instagram, so shouldn't he have to give that money back? Asking for a friend.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are proud parents of a 17 year old!  Yep!!  Today is their  daughter, Willow Smith’s birthday! Happy Birthday Willow!

The raunchy, side-splitting hit comedy proves that films centered on Black women can and will make money!

Girls Trip is in theaters today!! We want to know which member of the Flossy Posse are you before you take a girls night to see this movie. Take the quiz and pass it along to your friends!!! Have fun!