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“I only have to wear sunscreen on the weekends if the sun is out,” and “naw, I don’t need that stuff” are actual statements that left the mouths of two different men this week when they were asked the question, “so do you wear sunscreen?” Both men could’ve avoided having all eyes on them via this entry if they had simply answered “yes, I wear it everyday” and meant it.

Some men will never fully grasp what it means to not wash their faces with a random bar of soap which is why it’s my mission to ever so gingerly educate men on best grooming practices through each one of you fabulous ladies starting with today’s topic – sunscreen. It’s been said that men communicate using less words, so let’s keep the explanation for why sunscreen is necessary everyday rain or shine to only seven words and give them a few SPF product options to mull over. The explanation: it protects skin from aging and burning.  READ MORE

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