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Adina Howard is the original “Freak.” She made her debut onto the music scene in the 90’s with album Do You Wanna Ride? which spawned the platinum selling single “Freak Like Me.” Adina’s provocative and salacious lyrics paved the way for her following tracks: “Nasty Grind,” and the fan favorite “T-Shirt & Panties.” She is currently back in the studio prepping a new release. “This project is going to different from everything else because it’s not going to really be  focused the sex aspect what people know me for. It will be to the left, completely unexpected. I’m an artist, I like to grow. I like to spread my wings and fly into a different direction!” says Adina when I spoke with her.

Adina revealed to me that she was engaged and getting married in a few days (talk about two chicks in conversation heaven!).

Read her Wedding Story below:

“Initially Shermon and I dated in our 20’s, at one point I was not satisfied with how things were going. I felt that there was some growth that needed to take place. I told him ‘When you get yourself together, we’ll get back together’ and we remained friends. Periodically he would say to me ‘We need to quit playing and just get married.’ I’m like ‘na, I’m cool with the way things are.’ Some time would pass by and he would ask me again and my response would ‘I’m good.’

A friend of mine, she was like ‘Adina, I know there are some things going on between you and Shermon or whatever but that’s a good man right there and you better not let him get away!’ She looked at me and said ‘Let me tell you something, if you let that man get away, we gon’ have problems.’

While she was being his cheerleader I was thinking about our relationship in the past. Everything was gravy and we remained friends all the way up until this point. I was getting on a plane to go to  Charlotte and I was thinking she is right and I am ready to settle up. I placed the call, he picked up the phone; I said ‘You still want to marry me’ he was like yeah.’ I said ‘let’s do it then!’

It was there that I realized, Adina kind of proposed to Shermon!

“I think it’s a situation to each it’s own at the end of the day everybody is not traditional. I think sometimes when there is too much pressure on a man he gets kind of buckled because it’s like ‘Why do I always have to do this, or that.’ Sometimes they want us to step up to the pate. Contrary to popular belief men want to be ruled, men want a woman to be romantic, men want to be loved on! I think it depends on the person; a woman has to understand she has to know her man. If you’re going to go that route make sure he isn’t not proposing because he doesn’t feel you’re the one”

Sheer curiosity led me to wonder…“Well how do you know?”

“Men have a way of expressing themselves, when they are ready to do something they gon’ do it! There’s no if, ands,  buts or maybes. He’s been trying to get with me for the past 13 years. When they know what they want they go for it!”

“I overstand why women become Bridezillas; I get it–it can be overwhelming. Initially we were going to go to Justice Of The Peace. We were told after joining our church that we can get married in the church, So we decided to go that route only for it to snowball into this whole to-do.

The Dress:

I went to David’s Bridal, I was like ‘let me see what this whole tying on a wedding dress thing is about.’ Growing up, getting married was not something I dreamed about. I just want to be real cute for my wedding, I don’t need to go out and get a private label designer for my wedding. I just wanted something simple. I found a dress for under $100. It was the first dress I tried on. I was like ‘OK I’ll take you.’ I did get a little misty [eyed] I was in public I couldn’t break down. I was like ‘this is mine!’

As for keeping her new marriage spicy in the bedroom:

“It’s all about variety and switching up! ‘Missionary’ is cool, ‘Doggy Style’ is cool but sometimes you have to take it to the backyard, around the house…in the car PULL OVER! It’s about being spontaneous and again, knowing what your significant other likes. You trying to stick fingers in the butt and they don’t like that and you about to be kicked to the curb period!”

We can learn a thing or two from Adina; she is comfortable with her sexuality “I gets down with the get down, it’s who I am it apart of my personality” she assures me before laughing. If there’s anything we all know, it is that men love a freak in the sheets. She is all that and more…

Stay tuned in November for Adina Howard’s “How To Cook…” Special Feature for Thanksgiving!

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