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Born only five minutes apart, twin sisters Faith & Hope couldn’t be more different. Though they have very individual styles, with Faith focusing on class while Hope identifies as a flower child, these sisters come together to design beautiful accessories for the MoaZen Brand. With their jewelry line divided into three parts, MoaZen Signature, Urban, and Earth, Faith and Hope infuse class and culture into everything they make. We asked the twosome what gives them the fuel to create a more culturally appreciative and socially responsible world through their art.

1. How would you describe your style?

Faith: Sophisticated Funk. I love color and I love heels. Combining classic styles with pops and splashes of color is my normal routine. I like to mix generational fads to create my own style. A 1955 style dress with 1985 color excites me!

Hope: Never over the top. I like to refer to it as “Pure with a punch”. I adore earth tones and am most comfortable in them however I do like exaggerated wood or bamboo bangles, large earrings, and flower hair accessories as staples in my wardrobe.

2. Who would you say inspires your style?

Faith: Keri Hilson, Fergie

Hope: Lisa Bonet

3. Who is your favorite designer?

Faith: I’m totally a fan of the new Lotus Crown line of hats by a local designer here in Charlotte! If you haven’t heard about them check it out!

Hope: I’m not really a connoisseur of luxury brands. However I do like funky brands like Sugar and Rocket Dog. My favorite local designer is Aquiyla of Venus Phli. I have some of her accessories in my collection.

4. What accessory do you have to wear every day?

Faith: Funky earrings and a amethyst ring I designed last year it makes me feel powerful when I wear it!

Hope: A flower in my fro and huge earrings (I feel naked without them).

5. What’s your fashion pet peeve?

Faith: Pajamas in public.

Hope: Lingerie worn in public as an outfit.

6. What fashion tips would you like to share with others?

Faith: Don’t be afraid to wear your personality on the outside. Your outfit should reflect your inner spirit.

Hope: Wear what you are comfortable in. It’s not always the clothes or the brands that attract people to you….often times it’s your confidence.

7. What’s your favorite color?

Faith: Plum

Hope: Yellow

8. If you had to describe your style in terms of music, what artists, genre of music etc would you say best describes your style?

Faith: I would compare my style to Black Eye Peas in terms of music and the genre of music that best describes my style is R&B.

Hope: Artists that best describe my style would be Amel Larrieux and the Roots. The genre of music would be neo-soul


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