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I am a self-proclaimed reality TV junkie.  Like any good junkie I couldn’t miss the premiere of two new reality television shows on two of my favorite networks (Centric and TV One).  So, last night I settled down to watch “Keeping Up With The Joneses,” and “The Real McCoy.”

First up was Tracey Ferguson in “Keeping Up With The Joneses.”

The show is centered around Jones Magazine founder, publisher and CEO Tracey Ferguson. Jones Magazine is the first of its kind, and the “It” guide for Houston high society, offering the very best in fashion, hair, make up and parties. Behind the scenes of Jones Magazine is  non-stop drama as the team scrambles to make deadlines, secure advertisers, manage photo shoots and cover all the best parties, all while avoiding the backstabbing, fragile egos and vicious rumor mills. As if running a magazine isn’t hard enough, Tracey tries to balance her work life with her responsibilities at home. As a single mom trying to raise two teenage children there’s never a dull moment.  Between dealing with her daughter Kendall’s constant theatrics and son Josh’s desire to take the music world by storm, it’s all Tracey can do to keep things on track, much less think about her own personal life. With talk about a possible deal with The North Star Group in the works, big things are blooming for Jones Magazine. Ever the perfectionist, Tracey wants it all. Will the pressure be too much? Will she be able to take Jones Magazine to the next level? Will she finally be able to let go of the past and find love?

Next was LisaRaye McCoy in her newest venture – “The Real McCoy.”

It’s been 12 years since LisaRaye burst onto the scene in her starring role as Diamond in “The Player’s Club.” Since then, all eyes have been on the edgy, raw, blunt, sophisticated and beautiful LisaRaye. She’s had a leading role in the hit sitcom “All of Us” and movies like “Beauty Shop” and “The Wood” yet her lifestyle has attracted just as much attention as her talent. From a fairy tale marriage to the Premier of Turks & Caicos to a public and scandalous divorce, LisaRaye journeys to reclaim her life and the lifestyle that she loves.

The new show will follow LisaRaye as she begins to put the pieces back together and reveal sides of her that we’ve never seen before. She’s ready to get her career back on track, finalize her messy divorce, get her complicated teenage daughter on the right path, keep her incarcerated sister Da Brat in line, care for her mother and of course, find the right man! But she’s not on her own. LisaRaye may only wear white but she always rolls with a colorful cast of friends, including many of her high-profile Hollywood friends!

What I realized from watching both shows is that real divas – no matter if you are from the southside of Chicago or high society Houston – share a few basic character traits:

1. Attitude- Confidence, honesty, candor, compassion and openness describe LisaRaye and Tracey’s approach to  life.  LisaRaye says she doesn’t prepare for interviews; she prefers to answer questions with honesty.  Tracey allowed us to see her vulnerable side as she discussed the grief of suddenly losing her husband.   The lesson this teaches all divas is attitude is everything…and attitude includes confidence, compassion, honesty candor and openness.  Your willingness to share your story may help someone through a rough time.

2. Business-savvy – Both Tracey and Lisa have learned the art of delegation, negotiation and getting their point across.  All true divas know how to make it happen in the boardroom.

3. A signature – A close friend once told me her mother said all women should have a scent.  LisaRaye, who only wears white, would tell you that all women should have a signature color.  Tracey would say you should leave your mark. The bottom line is the same, when you walk away people should remember something about you. What’s your signature?

But the greatest lesson of all is real divas have support systems.

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