Shortly, after celebrating his 39th birthday, rapper Fabolous has finally decided it was time to fix his chipped tooth! The rapper did a complete dental overhaul to include some new pearly white veneers! The total cost for his mouthy transformation was roughly $40,000!  Geesh!!

Wait, what?! Whitening toothpaste doesn't whiten your teeth. Yeah, you read that right. Check out what actually does work.

R & B singer, Angie Stone, was arrested on Monday for domestic aggravated assault. Reportedly, Stone had a physical altercation with her 30 year old daughter, Diamond, after asking her to clean up and to keep a better watch on her kids. The situation quickly escalated and resulted in Angie striking her daughter in the […]

Beauties, I bet you had no idea that keeping your chompers healthy involves more than brushing, flossing and staying away from red wine and/or coffee…

Everyone knows that the best part of any Hollywood awards show, especially this year’s Golden Globe Awards, is not the handing out of the coveted statues, but the parade of celebrities who play it up for the cameras on the red carpet before the show. Sunday night brought out the best between the usually-hated paparazzi […]

While backstage on a tour stop Rihanna was fitted for grill that she’ll be sporting in the upcoming video for “You Da One.” Listening to her try speak with the tech’s hand all in her mouth is hilarity. Talk That Talk for real, Rihanna. RELATED POSTS: Sub? Rihanna Tweets Drake Lyrics Rihanna Booed In London […]

Who doesn’t love a set of white pearly teeth?  The sparkle of  32 shiny ones does something magical for a person.  It can elev8 a person’s look and give them a youthful appeal. Maintaining white teeth is sometimes challenging with tasty dark beverages like coffee and dark sodas in addition to other foods and juices […]