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A Charlotte organization is holding a prom for young adults with developmental challenges. Champion House of Care will host the “royal prom” on April 30 at Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte. The organization has been accepting donations including prom attire since February. Volunteers for chaperoning are still needed for the event along with dress and food […]

Reginae Carter has grown up right before all of our eyes — so we all feel like she’s our little daughter doing to prom. The young beauty was the dressed to the gods for her special night, looking just like her mother. You know you’re dad is Lil Wayne when the diamonds on your dress […]


A group of 40 students from Chicago got the opportunity to attend a prom hosted by two local non-profit organizations.

Faced with D.C.'s sky-rocketing rent and surges in the price of living, Tyree's mother lost her job. The family was forced to make the difficult decision to move into the shelter, which houses around 243 people.

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