After a long day of work, the perfect way for me to unwind is to go for an evening run.  Well, let me be completely honesty.  I don’t run just because of stress…I  need to drop a few pounds too!  I’m being honest!  However, the coronavirus crisis has made me really rethink going outside to […]

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the spring air is calling your name beauties. So in honor of National Earth Day (April 22nd) and…

In 2010, Oprah and Gayle camped in Yosemite Park to highlight dismal number of African Americans who camp. At the time, the Park estimated that blacks made up just one percent of its 280 million tourists. Sadly, I doubt their highly-publicized escapade dramatically increased the number of black campers.

Now that the weather is getting warm and we’re about to doing to indulge in a lot more outdoors activities, why not plan a picnic with your girls or significant other. Here are some affordable picnic baskets to take to the park or even your backyard: How To Avoid Negative Summer Temptations Bright Handbags For […]

So, you’re thinking about having a wedding at outside…maybe even at home. You think it will be easier, and most importantly, cheaper. Here’s a behind the scenes look of things to consider when hosting a wedding and reception at home. Let’s say you’re planning an outdoor event at home with 150 guests.