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Seems like Gwenyth Paltrow has gone and gotten herself into some trouble. The actress who is a known close friend to super couple Jay-Z and Beyonce, tweeted the n-word while at the Watch The Throne concert in Paris. When celebrity blogger B. Scott questioned her right to use the n-word, she tweeted: “Hold up. It’s […]

Thanks to My927Charlotte listener Sean Goines for sending in this week’s Things That Make You Go Hmmm. 1. On the television show “Good Times,” where did that door in their kitchen lead? 2. On the show “Gimme a Break,” did Nell ever sleep with the Chief? 3. In the movie “Drumline,” did Dr. Lee let […]

During a closing monologue for his HBO show “Real Time,” Bill Maher stated in his typical sarcastic fashion that, “If you’re a Christian who supports killing your enemies and torture, you have to come up with a new name for yourself.” Ouch. Maher is a self-proclaimed atheist who is ruthlessly efficient at using comedy to […]

Alabama is one of the Civil Right’s Movements most important geographic symbols. In the struggle for Voting Rights in the South, John Lewis and about 600 marchers were beaten and tear-gassed by police, as they attempted to walk from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama on March 7, 1965, a date that has come to be known […]

During last night’s episode of RHOA NeNe and Kim showed us why some things are better off left in the past…or maybe.  The two have had a strange and strained relationship in every season of RHOA, but for some reason they continued to try to get along and be friends.  As crazy as it sounds, […]

This holiday season should demonstrate once and for all that conservatives do not have a monopoly on faith and family values. As a matter of fact, if the holidays are about generosity to those in need and a celebration of hope, joy and peace, then this year Santa and his Elves were played by President […]

Apparently, the Republicans and Democrats are close to a deal for extending Tax Cuts and Unemployment Benefits. A few months ago the debate was strictly about tax cuts so how did we get to this point? And who was involved in this deal? Or was the Obama Administration working backroom deals again? Republicans don’t want […]

It’s easy to talk trash on the side lines. But playing in the game is a whole different story. Sarah Palin is going to find this out real quick if she decides to run for president. I thought she was just playing around but it appears that she is really thinking about it. The great […]

Jay-Z is out promoting his newest project, Decoded, which is claimed to be a personal narrative, lyrical deconstruction and hip-hop history all at once. It is fitting that the prolific rap artist has decided to write his reflections in the form of a 336-page book. Black boys who aspire to be rappers, and those who just […]

I was so excited about seeing Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” that I got there as the movie ads were running.  I was casually watching them, not really paying attention, until they aired the Barbie “I Can Be …” commercial. I was really excited about the message in the commercial, but as I watched, I […]

I remember watching the concert for Hurricane Relief sponsored by NBC after Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005. I was just as shocked as everyone else when Kanye West went off-script from the teleprompter and stammered out these words: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Comedian Mike Myers, who had been trying to stay […]

The tide that carried many Democrats and progressives into office in 2008 was reversed this year on November 2nd.  History tells us however, that the opposing party of a sitting president usually gains Congressional seats during mid-term elections. If the Democrats maintained power it would have been a historical exception. One blogger summarized the reason […]