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During last night’s episode of RHOA NeNe and Kim showed us why some things are better off left in the past…or maybe.  The two have had a strange and strained relationship in every season of RHOA, but for some reason they continued to try to get along and be friends.  As crazy as it sounds, I understand their dysfunctional relationship. I understand that while NeNe claims she hasn’t spoken to Kim in six months they will be friends again in the future.  How can I be so sure? I’ve had the same types of dysfunctional relationships … actually more than I care to admit.  Plus any two people as passionate about separating as they are truly love each other.

I digress.

While not everyone that makes an exit returns to their seat in my life story, many of them did.  Why? Because for whatever reason we had, and continue to have, love for one another. This love is bigger than the issues that tore us apart (most times there was a man involved). Some friendships were even lost for years (4, 5 … 10), but we found a way to forgive and to pick up the pieces.  Are we in the same space that we were in before? No way, but we have found a way to allow our love for each other to manifest itself in healthy adult relationships. Some of these women are continue to play integral parts of my support system and are friends who I know no matter what I can always call on them.  I can trust that they will guard my secrets, protect my heart and ride out with me in the middle of the night to bust some windows (just kidding). They will be honest with me about my mistakes and love me through them.

So, for all of you hating on NeNe and Kim’s friendship, don’t.  Just know that sometimes friendships are just as hard to maintain as relationships and that the saying “let it go and if it comes back to you it was meant to be” is just as true with friends and with love interests. I wish Kim and NeNe the best.

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