If you follow Erykah Badu on Instagram, you may know that she recently launched the first ever artist owned streaming platform online at www.BaduWorldMarket.com.  The site streams Erykah’s Apocalypse Music Series, which are intimate interactive live concerts straight from her bedroom.  And she doesn’t charge some astronomical fee either.  Some of the “admission prices” have […]

Music. Like the O’Jays, I love it, and so do most of us. It’s around when times are good and bad, during celebratory moments and achingly sad ones. When our favorite artists depart this earth for the next dimension, we’re heartbroken as they’ve been such an integral part of our lives. At one point, listening […]

David Lowery has become one of Spotify's most outspoken critics and now, he's ready for the music streaming service to pay up.

Beating out reigning champion Ed Sheeran, Drizzy racked up 1.8 billion streams on Spotify this year.


Earlier this week, Jay Z and Tidal announced that they’ll be bringing the biggest names in music to Brooklyn for a charity concert in celebration of…