Happy birthday to Michael Jackson in heaven!  In my personal opinion, he was one of the greatest entertainers ever!  Today, MJ would have been 59 years old.  So, on this day we honor you!!


Michael Jackson’s presence at the annual MTV Video Music Awards was among the most anticipated of celebrity guest appearances when he was still alive and…

  The undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson is gone but will truly never be forgotten. His songs and his impact still hold true today…


SHOWTIME SAYS… Check out this video tribute to some of Michael Jackson’s most candid moments.  In this clip we get to see a side of…

Photo By Google Over the weekend, Michael Jordan and his Cuban American model fiancee’, Yvette Prieto tied the knot in Palm Beach, Fla. The couple of five years jumped the broom on Saturday, April 27th  at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea.  It was all smiles for Jordan, 50, and his new wife, Yvette, 34!  Congratulations […]

Michael Jackson is unarguably the King of Pop … or is he? I mean, there are two others – Usher and Chris Brown – who have made classic hits and who give us electric stage performances just like the MJ.  Will they remix history and take MJ’s place? Related: Morris Day VERSUS Prince: Who’s The […]

VIA NEWSONE By Dwayne Nelson Since the Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James debate should officially now be over, it’s time NBA fans move forward to another high-profile case. Next up? Kobe vs. Michael Jordan. The 47-year-old Jordan recently claimed he could score 100 points in a game if he played today and then ranked Kobe […]

Evan Chandler — the father of Jordan Chandler, who accused Michael Jackson of molesting him — allegedly committed suicide, the New York Post reports. Read the full story. <!--more-->