The only way in nearly 14 years the Russian could ever "beat" the GOAT is for the new mother to have to drop out of their match.

Maria Sharapova has been suspended from for two years by the International Tennis Federation for doping. The 29-year-old Russian tennis star failed an anti-doping test at the Australian Open back in January. She used a Latvian-made drug called meldonium. Normally known as a heart disease treatment, Sharapova used the drug without knowing it was added […]

Rival tennis players Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams haven’t exactly been the best of friends. But that didn’t stop Serena for sticking up for her as the whole world mocked…

Serena Williams, the world's reigning No. 1 women's singles player, expressed her amazement at the news while graciously praising Sharapova for taking full responsibility for her actions, the New York Times reports.

Sharapova admitted to failing a drug test via her use of a formally legal substance and claims she did not know that the substance was forbidden.

Tennis star Maria Sharapova has officially fallen from grace after admitting to failing a drug test at the Australian Open, earlier this year. On Monday, Sharapova addressed the matter during a live press conference in Los Angeles. According to the former Wimbledon champion, the substance she’s been taking throughout her career is known as Mildronate or […]

Two women recently attended Serena William's Australian Open match in yellow body paint and blackface.


A group of anti-abortion activists took it upon themselves to secretly videotape activity at a Planned Parenthood in Houston, Texas in an effort to reveal how fetal tissue was being handled at the clinic. Unfortunately for the activists (affiliated with the Center for Medical Progress) their plan backfired. After examining the footage, a Houston grand […]

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Serena Williams offers a thoughtful approach to why she won't let racism and sexcism get her down.

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams exemplifies the true meaning of, “can’t stop the hustle!”.  Forbes has just recognized them as being the highest paid female athletes of 2015!  Williams who is ranked as the 2nd highest paid female athlete, earned $24.6 million from prize money and endorsements between June 2014 and June 2015.  Meanwhile, her […]

A second “Serena Slam” is looking more and more likely by the match. Serena Williams defeated Maria Sharapova in the Wimbledon semifinals today. Williams earned…