According to Forbes Magazine, being dead has not ended Michael Jackson’s ability to earn money! MJ is still at the top of the list of the highest-paid deceased celebrities after bringing in over $400 million dollars in 2018! Most of the money coming into his estate is from the sale of his stake of EMI […]

Today The King of Pop Michael Jackson would’ve turned 59 years old. To honor his legacy and unmatched contributions music & entertainment, here’s my favorite collection of MJ songs! Smooth Criminal Remember the Time You Rock My World Beat It Bad Thriller Click through to the next page for another hit song Smooth Criminal (1987) […]


Michael Jackson’s presence at the annual MTV Video Music Awards was among the most anticipated of celebrity guest appearances when he was still alive and…

It’s been six years since we lost the King of Pop, but one does not simply forget Michael Jackson. So, today, on the anniversary of…

After sitting through the Grammy Awards show last Sunday, Jay-Z had some choice words to say about a certain performer.

A 3-D tribute to the late Michael Jackson was a highlight of this year’s Grammys. Singers such as Jennifer Hudson, Smoky Robinson and Usher paid tribute to the King of Pop.