The sexual abuse case against R. Kelly seems to be mounting up!  Reportedly, Kitti Jones, a s former DJ from Dallas, Texas and Kelly’s ex-girlfriend, is sharing details about their past relationship.  Like a few women before, Jones is accusing Kelly of physical and sexual abuse.  She’s also alleging that  he ordered her to have […]

Orlando, Orlando, Orlando. The world is not sure if drugs are at play when it comes to Orlando Brown‘s antics, or if he’s just an actor playing a character for a little attention. His latest bizarre moment didn’t really seem like acting. The That’s So Raven star took to Instagram on Thursday to live stream […]

According to reports, the self-proclaimed King of R&B is in love with a young woman named Halle Calhoun, who is 30 years his junior.

A man your girlfriend “casually” dated a YEARS AGO resurfaces.  You coincidentally meet and it’s obvious that sparks are flying and you have a major connection. Your girlfriend is now married to another man and has kids. Is her old boo off limits?

Russell Simmons has always been a man of class who appreciates the finer things.

For an early birthday gift, Boxer Floyd Mayweather brought his girlfriend, Doralie Medina, aka Bad Medina a 2014 “two-tone” Rolls Royce costing more than what…

I guess I’m tardy to the party! Last night, I’m in Claibornes registering people to win prizes. One of those prizes was an autographed book of Al Sharpton’s “The Rejected Stone.” So, imagine my surprise when my friend Adrian commented, “Uh! You have Al’s new book! Have you seen his girlfriend? He’s got a dimepiece!” […]

Heres Our Facebook Question Of The Day  How Many Times Have You Borrowed And Outfit From A Girlfriend That Look Great On Her But A Hot Mess On You? Hit Us Up At Facebook/Oldschool1053.Com

Rihanna’s man Matt Kemp opened up to the media at a red carpet event this week and admitted that Rihanna is his girlfriend:

Tameka is back on the rampage, and this time she’s going in on Usher’s girlfriend Grace Miguel via Twitter!

Gary Dourdan of “CSI” fame was the alleged victim of domestic violence Tuesday afternoon, and his much smaller girlfriend was cuffed and taken into custody … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Reggie Bush’s #1 jumpoff Carmen Ortega recently revealed what happened between her and Kim Kardashian’s man Reggie Bush.  The “model” said she was not a jumpoff, she WAS Reggie’s girlfriend.