When it comes to saving for the future, women, African-Americans and Latinos in general had fallen behind before the recession hit. In a recent survey 54 percent of respondents reported having less than $25,000 in total savings and investments, excluding their home or workplace pension, if any. Some 27 percent said they don’t have even […]

Superficial living has hit an all time high. Eighty six percent of people who own luxury cars have a net worth of less than five hundred thousand dollars.  There is a problem with that.  To fake financial prosperity is to lie. Are we that messed up that we think buying some fake name brand item […]

VIA CHARLOTTE OBSERVER RALEIGH The state Department of Revenue says it is catching up on issuing income tax refunds, and if you file by Thursday’s deadline, you should have your money by the middle of next month. Earlier this year, the department announced it would have to delay refunds because the state’s cash flow was […]

If you missed Fantasia’s appearance on Wednesday’s “Oprah,” the singer sat down with the queen of daytime TV and discussed her family and financial woes.