After casting their ballots today and over the last couple of weeks, voters spent Tuesday night watching the returns at election watch parties. When asked…

Cameo made an appearance at Fly Ty’s Variety Show at the Excelsior Club.

Fly Ty’s Variety Show went Motown when Diana Ross made an appearance at the Excelsior.

The Fly Ty Variety Show at the Excelsior paid tribute to P-Funk. Everyone showed up from George to the dude in the diaper. [ooyala code=”Y4d3FnNDpsdH69SUR2bXAUzC6TWOtFTO”]

We’re back with another Tuesday night filled with contests, talent and good times. Fly Ty’s Variety show is just what you need to kick-off your work week.

If you think the couples of the Universoul Circus can put on an “old school” battle well think again! Fly Ty and Star do it better. Watch Now!