donald trump

This week President Obama released his birth certificate to the public, with the hope that it would placate the crazy Tea Party/Donald Trump’s of the world. Considering he already had to prove that he was born in the USA to run for office, it was a move that should have been unnecessary in the first […]

Publisher and MSNBC contributor Karen Hunter is urging everyone to boycott the tv show, “Celebrity Apprentice”, in protest of Donald Trump’s comments toward the president. She called into the TJMS this morning to talk with Jacque Reid. In case you missed the interview, we have the audio for you to listen below.

The fabulous, super energetic Tocarra spoke to about the duties of being Lady Hennessey and her new dating show on TV One with Donald Trump. Donald Trump Presents “The Ultimate Merger” is the title and Tocarra will be on an island with 12 men trying to find “love…”  or something like it. She says […]

While Rihanna was performing onstage during the 2011 NBA All Star game she was supposed to be performing at Cancer fundraiser for Donald Trump. Rihanna claimed she was sick, suffering from bronchitis. It is reported that she was going to be paid $500,000 for the gig that Jennifer Hudson played instead. Trump had this to […]

Omarosa Don’t miss an encore presentation of TV One’s new series “Donald J. Trump Presents the Ultimate Merger,” Thursday, June 24 at 8:30 PM ET. Omarosa looks for her perfect mate among a cadre of a dozen hot, successful bachelors that she puts through a gauntlet of tests, including R&B star Al B. Sure! Real […]