You’ve got questions? He’s got answers! Need advice? Send your questions to Terrance: Dear Gay Best Friend, I am a young mom of two children by two different guys. My daughter’s father is totally out of her life, but my son’s father is involved with him, but sometimes I wish he wasn’t. On a recent […]

Jada Pinkett Smith lost her grandmother earlier this week, and she turned to Facebook to share her feelings on death … and life. Read the letter that was posted on her Facebook page below. Shirley H. Pinkett died last night. She is my grandmother. She was 79. If there is one thing I have learned […]

Today is World Aids Day and we want you to take action to tackle HIV prejudice and to protect yourself and others from HIV transmission. Make sure you get tested and know your status.

Bow Wow must be going through it…I recently came across some disturbing tweets from the pint-sized rapper talking about death. Bow Wow tweeted that he wished for death sometimes, because it’s the only way he can find peace and went off about the music industry and how he had to put his “real life” on […]

Black people don’t do water.  How many times have you heard this either as a joke or with sincerity? The reasons for  this vary. It could be because of the impact that slavery had on us and being put in the boat and taken away from our land by water. Whatever the reason, not many […]

VIA Jawn Murray at Robert Wilson of The Gap Band died on Sunday in Los Angeles after suffering a massive heart attack. The 53-year-old R&B veteran, known as the “Godfather of Bass Guitar,” died at his home in Palmdale, Calif., his manager Don Jackson confirmed to Tulsa World. Relatives became concerned when Wilson failed […]

The documentation of rock and roll’s Black roots should come as no surprise to anyone with an Internet connection and a thirst for musical knowledge, but many are unaware of the band Death and the role that they played in shaping the sound of 1970s proto-punk music.

When your husband dies, it’s one of the most traumatic experiences to go through.  However, for people in places such as Kenya, Ghana, Nepal, and Afghanistan, traditions make mourning even more difficult.  Rather than receiving support, these women are treated less like people and more like property.  They are forced to partake in activities such […]

Creative Loafing columnist Nsenga Burton wrote a powerful column this week detailing the double standard and the overall loathing that we as African American women tend to have toward each other. Burton used WR Chris Henry’s death to examine how black women so often are vilified by each other as vixens. She questions why so […]

  Via: MedicineNet.Com Research shows that there is an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease among men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels. The study, conducted by Dr. Giovanni Corona, observed the testosterone levels of men who were seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction. Many of those men suffered from heart attacks or other […]

Research shows that there is an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease among men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels.

  Via:   A seemingly physically fit man goes for the usual 5 mile run. Before he has a chance to finish, he drops dead. This is the story of several men who have taken their last breaths during their normal exercise routine. You would think that the more one exercises, the more likely that person is to live […]