A scenario happened to me this morning that happens to some people far too often. You open up your purse to find your phone, but it’s not there. The downside is that you’re already at work and there’s still a full day to get through. If you’re like me and attached to your phone, it […]

I’m a quote person – one of those people who’s always looking for unique words of wisdom to describe her life. While most of the time, I’m one to create my own mantras, very often someone else has already said what I’m trying to express. Lines from books, movies, or even song lyrics can contain […]

We’ve all most likely been in this scenario: you meet someone new and hit it off right away – they’re funny, nice, and you seem to have found a fast friend. However, since you just met, you feel that you can’t fully trust them yet. You’ve listened to some of their stories and shared quite […]

I was just reminded of a conversation I had with one of my friends a few months ago about a guy she was “seeing.” I wanted to know what the deal was with him, if they were “in a relationship” or not and she said we’re “dating.” She then went on to explain the difference […]

Have you ever been in an area of your city and was unable to communicate with its residents due to a language barrier? You remember the frustration you felt?

Sometimes, it’s easy to raise your own expectations about a situation just because it could possibly come true. I know I’m guilty of doing that – just when I like someone or I think life’s going well, something goes wrong because I put too much effort into thinking about it. This is very probable when […]

I recently read the most ridiculous article that really exemplifies how technology has taken over both waking and even sleeping hours. In past weeks, I’ve focused blog entries on how, in short, technology has both positively and negatively influenced our lives, but this article just blew my mind in terms of how far removed we […]

I know I’ve touched on this topic a lot already, but I don’t think I’ve specifically mentioned Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites in their ability to detach us from the real world, since we think online IS the real world. We put so much of ourselves out there online for tons of “friends” […]

Body language is a really important facet of communication, since it’s an expressive form of interaction that a simple text message can’t get across. Since technology has made face-to-face become smaller scale interaction compared to texting or IMing, people don’t see what others facial or body expressions as often. Although video chatting is a good […]

Music is a big part of most people’s lives – it’s almost like a living, breathing entity that reminds us of events in our life, marks significant moments, and basically has a presence that’s unbeknown-est to us sometimes. There are a lot of theories about how and why music embeds itself into our lives, but […]

I’ve always been intrigued with what it means to be in a certain generation, since there are so many fun names for them: those born after World War II (ie. late 1940’s – 60’s) are called the Baby Boomers, while the last decade or so is called Generation Y and Generation Z, meaning the young […]

If you use technology as much as I do, you’ve probably experienced the following scenario: you text someone or post a comment without thinking on someone’s Facebook wall and there’s that one person that takes the interaction completely out of proportion. The worst case scenario is if this person is your significant other or someone […]