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Belvedere and Janelle Monae Present A Beautiful Future: Atlanta

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National Vodka Day is on October 4 and you know what that means… It’s time to sip! 

If you’re like me, and you learned about wines and spirits as a kid in the 90s, then you remember Belvedere vodka as a hot topic in rap songs like Jay Z’s “I Just Wanna Love U.” I wasn’t old enough to drink at the time, but the mention of it — just like cars and clothes — created a visual fantasy later that became a reality after graduating high school and being introduced to choices: Choices in lifestyle, choice in entertainment, choices in fashion, and choices in style overall. Belvedere kind of represents the same thing. With an array of choices already under its umbrella, Belvedere recently launched a new expression called Heritage 176 and it’s “made with nature.” A healthy vodka choice really does exist! 

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As we’ve seen in pop culture, organic and natural health is trending upward in all categories of life. Heritage 176 is just the cherry on top. 

“We are seeing that people are making lifestyle changes and opting for high quality products, which is where Belvedere is well positioned to engage them because we’ve always had a natural philosophy. This, a lot of people don’t know about, which is why we are launching ‘Made With Nature’ now,” Allison Varone, Vice President of business and marketing strategy at Belvedere Vodka for Moët Hennessy USA, says. “With our new ‘Made With Nature’ creative, we’ll literally be showing [people] that our products are made with 100% Polska Rye and purified water, distilled by fire and nothing else.”


With its new natural product philosophy, Belvedere aims to go green with energy, organic products and sustainable packaging through the expansion of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. In 2017, the brand reduced CO2 emissions by 42% by shifting fuel sources and Verone says its distillery in Poland is already “on track to generate 100% renewable energy by 2025.”

Here’s a list of some other healthy benefits to Belvedere’s new Heritage 176, according to Varone: 

  • There are no additives.
  • Despite the stereotype that vodka is tasteless and odorless, “every expression in the Belvedere portfolio has an individual flavor profile.”
  • And new choices are always pending.

This National Vodka Day, we asked Belvedere VP Allison Varone what her top Belvedere recipe for the celebration looked like and it included a Belvedere Martini and the Heritage Style (click here to get the recipes) with a mix of tunes from Janelle Monae and Alicia Keys. If you’re looking for music to add to your playlist as you whip up your own drink, below are nine times hip-hop and R&B artists referenced the iconic Belvedere.


Pour It Up: 9 Times Hip-Hop and R&B Lyrics Referenced Belvedere Vodka  was originally published on

1. “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me)” by Jay-Z

It gets better, ordered another round
It’s, about, to go, down
Got six model chicks, six bottles of Crist’
Four Belvederes, got weed everywhere
What do you say, me, you, and your Chloe glasses
Go somewhere private where we can discuss fashion

2. “Work It” by Missy Elliott

Let’s get drunk, that’s gon’ bring us closer
Don’t I look like a Halle Berry poster
See the Belvedere playin’ tricks on ya
Girlfriend want to be

3. “My Love Is Like…Wo” by Mya

When will you come through (come through)
‘Cause I’ll be waitin’ up right here
Can you bring some Belvedere (baby, won’t you bring it?)
So we can pop the cork and cheers

4. “Where The Party At” by Jagged Edge

Belvedere in the rear of the club
Pulled up on dubs and we ’bout to go and buy the bar up
So So, for sure we ain’t playin’
Hang with no lames, hit the park and sayin’

5. “Ricky” by The Game

They want me to sing, like Sinatra, I told the detective
Get this clear like Belvedere vodka
Them five shots, they created a monster
Hell’s kitchen coming straight out of Compton

6. “Vacation” by Jeezy

You see me standin’ there
Like a chandelier
Gangsta of da year
Sippin’ Belvedere

7. “Hotel (Vacation Remix)” by Cassidy

Got Cris, got Hyp, got Belvedere
And ain’t nothin’ but pretty females in here (yeah)
It’s so terrific on the boat we can float the pacific
And vacation on an island I ain’t know existed

8. “Hell Yeah” by Ginuwine

So girl, quit frontin’ and get your ass over here
And get yourself a cup of this cran and Belvedere
I’m all off in the corner with honeys takin’ pics
Baby in the VIP with lots of chicks

9. “Guerilla Monsoon Rap” by Black Thought

From natives walkin’ the Trail of Tears to players sippin’ Belvedere
We always comin’ well prepared, and all my dogs’ smellin’ fear