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Harriet Tubman Visa Card

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

It’s quite ironic that Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist who resisted the ownership and sale of slaves, is now plastered across items used in monetary transactions. First, it was announced that she would be on the $20 bill and now she can be found on a Visa credit card…


And no, white people were not behind this. At least, not fully. OneUnited Bank bills itself as “America’s largest Black-owned bank, working to empower the communities we serve.” On Thursday, they announced a partnership with Visa Debit Card for Black History Month where they would be releasing a limited-edition card with Harriet Tubman on the front.

With their first tweet of the announcement, folks immediately couldn’t help but notice that Harriet had her arms crossed against her chest, which many people know as the symbol for “Wakanda Forever” from Black Panther.


However, OneUnited’s Twitter accounted posted, “Harriet Tubman is the ultimate symbol of love — love that causes you to sacrifice everything, including your own life. The gesture is the sign language symbol for love. It’s so important that we love ourselves.”


Come on Black people.

Even if the sign was a symbol for love, why do we have to have Harriet on things that are used to buy items or property.

At the time of slavery, Black folks were used as currency to trade or purchase so that white folks could buy more items, secure more property and accumulate more wealth.

Harriet was messing up all of that!

By today’s standards, she would be considered a thug, an outlaw, a person worthy of prison or jail. I find it hard to believe that she’d be hype about seeing her face on a $20 bill or a Visa card.

That’s not to say that money is all bad or that a cute credit card isn’t going to get you right for your next vacation….or next bill payment.

But for heavens sake, can we use someone else? Maybe a famous Black entrepreneur or a groundbreaking innovator. Hell, can we get a reparations bill passed before people even think about putting us on money.

Just a thought.

Anyways, check out some more hilarious reactions to the Harriet Visa card below.

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