Fantasia’s Grammy Tribute: “Proud Mary” for Tina Turner

Olsen Responds to Brady Joining Fox Sports

Comfort Shows to Watch During Your Holiday Break

Here are some movies for the family to enjoy during Thanksgiving break.

Netflix To Increase Prices Again

Netflix is attempting to cut down on password sharing by charging an extra $8 a month for viewers outside of the account holder's household.

Netflix has announced that it will no longer allow password sharing.

DMX's 10-year-old daughter will produce a 4-series docuseries describing the dangers of drug addiction.

Nikole Hannah-Jones' Oprah-produced series 'The 1619 Project' is headed to Hulu.

The new "Selling Charlotte" tv series will showcase luxury homes in North Carolina.

Netflix reality show, The Ultimatum, is now casting Charlotte couples.

Congratulations to that mudasucka, Michael Blackson!  He finally proposed to his longtime girlfriend Rada on the Breakfast Club.  No one could imagine Blackson settling down because he is known for being a ladies man with a brothel of women at his disposal.  Apparently, when Rada revealed that she was pregnant with his baby a few […]