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Tyrese has had it with all the media whores. He took to his Twitter account to express his feelings on the recent uprise in fake celebrity couples.And we see where he’s coming from. From Kanye and Selita Ebanks to Kanye and Kim Kardashian, from Amber Rose and Fabolous to Amber Rose and Reggie Bush, it’s hard to tell what relationships are real and which are made for the public eye.

Here’s what Tyrese had to say:

“If you try and build, develop, and mold your relationship on a PUBLIC STAGE… You will welcome the spirit of opinion and it could KILL it. Love is beautiful when it’s defined and nurtured ALONE… Then when you GO PUBLIC.. What you have built PRIVATELY can’t be AFFECTED!!

Media whores become desperate for PUBLIC APPROVAL.. People with class and tact fall back and DISCOVER .. Love is beautiful when it’s real.

Only on their second date.. And already on the red carpet kissing and making out? Well, well.. Good luck buddy!!

I wanna be CLEAR.. I’m not saying people should NOT live their lives and have fun!! But there are PLENTY of restaurants that don’t have Papz

Truth be told.. There are a LOT of the media whores who actually CALL THE PAPZ and tell them where they are going.. Desperate anyone?

I’m a very private man who happens to live a very private life. My privacy is all I OWN. I give a lot of me to the world but not EVERYTHING!”

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